Epoxy Concrete Flooring Tampa, FL

Epoxy Concrete Flooring Tampa, FL

Epoxy is one of the most popular materials for concrete flooring and high traffic areas. From commercial kitchens, warehouses, spas and salons to garages, basements, laundry rooms and patios, epoxy materials are being applied to concrete surfaces. The reasons for that are simple: epoxies are easy to use, durable and attractive. They can turn an ordinary-looking and marred concrete slab into an extraordinary and flawless surface.

Epoxy – the best balance of durability and aesthetic appeal.

High traffic areas require flooring that can stand up to heavy use and abuse. Epoxy offers a time-tested and reliable solution for concrete flooring needs. Arguably the most durable material for concrete surfaces, epoxy can endure daily traffic, heavy weight, abrasion, spills, harsh chemicals and more. With concrete flooring, any area can become polished and attractive with the added benefit of longevity and toughness.

So, what exactly makes epoxy such a strong, durable option for concrete flooring? First of all, unlike conventional paints that dry, epoxy coatings cure. When epoxy is applied, a chemical reaction occurs, which produces cross-linking of the components while it cures. This process creates a very tough and durable coating, much thicker than paint, that becomes part of the concrete surface. Secondly, epoxy is nothing like other flooring alternatives such as carpet, tile and laminate, which sit on top of the concrete. As long as properly prepared and applied, epoxy produces a tenacious bond to a concrete surface, completely sealing it out and protecting it from water and other liquids that can seep in and cause damage.

In addition to its sealing and moisture-resistant qualities, epoxy doesn’t scratch or dent easily. Drive cars and heavy machinery over it day by day, drop tools on it and have kids run around on it without worrying that the epoxy coating will be damaged. In fact, epoxy is so durable and strong that it’s the most commonly used concrete flooring material in airplane hangars, auto showrooms and other businesses where floors see a lot of foot and vehicle traffic.

Aside from being tough and durable, epoxies provide a smooth, beautiful finish and hide imperfections. When done correctly by experienced pros, epoxy will last for decades, allowing you to enjoy fresh, beautiful and functional flooring that can stand the test of time. By choosing epoxy for your concrete flooring, you’ll be witnessing the transformation of your garage, or any other area, into a practical and professional-looking space. The durability, appeal and sophistication that is added to any area after installing an epoxy flooring is truly priceless.

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Whether you’ve decided to turn your garage in Tampa, FL into a living area or you just want to add a little color to an old concrete flooring, epoxy floor installation services provided by our family professionals is the best option to go with. We combine experience, skill, professional installation techniques and attention to detail to deliver high quality work the first time, every time. Our epoxy flooring service is the best investment you can make in your home or business.
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