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When you're looking for the best combination of designer looks and durable finishes for the floors in your Port Charlotte home, epoxy flooring is hard to beat. Not the drab institutional flooring of yesterday, today's epoxy flooring is inspired by the high-end look of marble, wood, and tile without the high-end cost. Epoxy flooring is the cost-effective option to give your Port Charlotte home or business an easy-to-maintain finish and elegant look for much less than you'd expect.

Epoxy flooring is an excellent option for a variety of residential, businesses, and commercial applications because of its many benefits, which include:

  • Exceptional value
  • Variety of beautiful finishes
  • Easy installation
  • Quick cleanups
  • Slip resistance
  • Allergen and stain resistance

Our four-step epoxy flooring process begins with our special diamond grinding process to prepare and smooth the surface. A thick 100% epoxy vapor barrier is then applied, followed by a hand-broadcast of slip-resistant epoxy flakes to ensure even coverage. Finally, a rock-hard urethane clear coat is then applied to give your epoxy flooring enduring durability and a phenomenal shine that you'll have to see to believe.

Epoxy Garage Flooring Services In Port Charlotte, FL

Epoxy garage flooring receives high reviews from homeowners, hobbyists and auto mechanics alike. And there’s a good reason for that. Epoxy is one of the most durable and long-lasting finishes that can be applied to a garage floor. Epoxy can withstand heavy traffic and is damage resistant. Not only that, but an epoxy coating can add instant appeal to otherwise dull garage, making it an attractive and inviting space.

Your Hometown Epoxy Flooring Specialist In Port Charlotte

We're your local, hometown epoxy flooring professional, providing residential and commercial epoxy flooring installations since 1986. Epoxy Flooring Professional proudly serves Port Charlotte and communities along the Sun Coast with our consummate professionalism, quality workmanship, and dedication to providing exceptional customer service.

Our mission is simple: We like to treat others the way we would like to be treated. That's why we strive for excellence on every epoxy flooring project. It's our goal to provide timely service and top-quality concrete coatings that last for decades.

We offer a one-year warranty on all of our work and pride ourselves on our hands-on, quality workmanship. You can feel comfortable knowing that our clean, certified, and courteous technicians will work hard to earn your trust and respect. We perform all of our work ourselves, and never use subcontractors on any of our projects.

We offer a full line of epoxy flooring for a variety of applications, including:

  • Residential
  • Schools, churches, and daycares
  • Salons, kitchens, and medical facilities
  • Community centers and sports arenas
  • Showrooms, office facilities, and retail outlets

We have a quality epoxy flooring solution that blends design, durability, and value to meet your epoxy flooring needs for your Port Charlotte home or business.

Give us a call today at 941-893-2442 to speak to one of our garage flooring experts or to schedule services for your Venice area home.

Garage Flooring Will Give Your Port Charlotte Garage A Showroom Feel

If you've ever dreamed of having one of those great garages like the guys on the mechanic shows enjoy, epoxy garage flooring is the place to start. The professionals at Epoxy Flooring Professional offer a number of colors, styles, and finishes to give your garage flooring a phenomenal finish, turning your Port Charlotte garage from a junk room into a showroom.

Epoxy garage flooring resists water, chemicals, automotive fluids, and grease that can detract from the look of your garage flooring. Epoxy garage flooring is not only attractive, but it can withstand the weight of vehicles, heavy machinery, and toolboxes like a champ. If you're ready to update your garage flooring or are simply considering epoxy flooring as an option for your Port Charlotte home or business, call us today to schedule a free consultation with our epoxy flooring professionals at 941-893-2442.

What You Need To Know About Epoxy

Epoxies are available as pigmented or clear finishes and have a smooth, glossy shine. They provide outstanding sealing and waterproof properties, as well as chemical resistance. Epoxy makes standard concrete flooring look beautiful, at the same time it is tough enough to handle vehicular traffic and daily abuse. A high quality epoxy coating can last for years on your garage floor.

Epoxy can be quite difficult to apply, however. It takes more than just a DIY kit or a product purchased at a hardware store. Store bought products are lesser quality and not as durable as professional, industrial grade epoxy.The DIY kits are basically just fortified paints that are 50% solids at best and only 3 mils thick. On the other hand, professional products are 100% solids epoxy that is 10 mils or more thick. These products are industrial grade polymers designed for high adhesion and increased performance.

Professional grade epoxy requires professional epoxy garage flooring services. It requires experience in the use of correct materials and the proper surface preparation and application process. Epoxy is time sensitive during application and it must go on using special tools and equipment. That’s why the best way to ensure your epoxy coating looks great and wears well is to have trained, experienced concrete flooring installers do the job.

With finely finished epoxy garage flooring, things like hot tire pick up and other defects will not be a problem. The100% solids epoxy used in professional installation comes with a warranty for one full year. This means that your epoxy garage flooring will retain color and finish integrity for a very long period of time.

Use Professional Epoxy Garage Flooring Service From The Best

A new garage floor is not a luxury; it is one of the best investments you can make on your house. If you want to have epoxy flooring in your garage in Port Charlotte, FL, but don’t have the experience or know-how in epoxy application, let our family do the job for you. We have been applying epoxy garage floor coatings since 1986 and we have the experience and skills required to do a superior job in an efficient, professional manner. Your new epoxy flooring will look good and last long, making your garage an attractive, multi-use space and increasing the value of your home.

For epoxy garage flooring services in Port Charlotte call is the premier choice! Get in touch with us today!

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Family Owned

Family Owned - No Subcontractors

Your concrete flooring requires a high level of detail and proper preparation. We install all our floors, no subcontractors are used in this process. This ensures that the highest level of attention to detail is going into your garage flooring whether you are Orlando, Jacksonville or would like an epoxy floor in Tampa.

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Premium Epoxy Flooring Process

Premium Epoxy Flooring Process

The most important part of the garage flooring installation is the preparation. Not all epoxy contractors are the same and floor preparation is one way to separate the quality concrete coating contractor from the rest.

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