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Industrial flooring doesn’t have to be dull to be safe. Brighten up the floors in your workplace with tough, non-slip epoxy coatings. The industrial epoxy coatings come in a variety of finishes and textures, and can be installed in all types of environments. Not only will they increase safety in spaces within your facility, they will also make your floors more durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Make Your Tampa Flooring Safe, Durable, And Attractive

The non-slip industrial flooring combines beauty and high performance. From multicolored quartz aggregate to gleaming metallic finishes, the slip resistant epoxy floors are both decorative and durable. Depending on the activities carried out within your facility or business, decorative epoxy flooring with textures ranging from very mild to coarse can be installed to your exact specifications.

Apart from being tough and attractive, the non-slip industrial flooring creates a more sanitary environment. The surface of the epoxy floor coatings prevents the growth and spread of bacteria, which is of particular concern in the food processing and healthcare industries. Attractive, sanitary and slip resistant, the industrial epoxy flooring will improve your working environment, making it safer for your employees and customers.

Our professional installers have been providing residential and industrial epoxy floor coating services for nearly three decades. Our team of expert installers are experienced in balancing the right level of slip resistance for both highly decorative and utilitarian applications, to ensure your specifications are met and your business operations are fully accommodated.

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Family Owned

Family Owned - No Subcontractors

Your concrete flooring requires a high level of detail and proper preparation. We install all our floors, no subcontractors are used in this process. This ensures that the highest level of attention to detail is going into your garage flooring whether you are Orlando, Jacksonville or would like an epoxy floor in Tampa.

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Premium Epoxy Flooring Process

Premium Epoxy Flooring Process

The most important part of the garage flooring installation is the preparation. Not all epoxy contractors are the same and floor preparation is one way to separate the quality concrete coating contractor from the rest.

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